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That bit of dual gauge is a mystery. Scaling from the known standard gauge, the center two rails are in gauge while any combination of other two rails don't work. Too, to accomodate rails at a gauge that much wider than standard required that timbers be used, at least 11-footers, so whatever the reason this was an expensive piece of construction.

Figuring that the police in the photo were there for a reason, a quick search found a newspaper story from May 1912 (just days after the photo was taken) about violence between strikers and police in Scranton, that rocks had been thrown.

But, yes, the variety of loaded coal hoppers in the photo is very interesting                 ....Mike Del Vecchio

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Yes, John, but this is the DL&W.  There was a good bit of ??? on the erielack list about that gauntlet track.  The speculation is that it’s involved with the scale house in the far distance.

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Also interesting is the center track which looks like dual guage or long gauntlet track.  Don't  I've ever seen a piece quite like this.  Wasn't the Erir 6' originally?
John Larkin

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