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Please post at what point an image is out of copyright and available for general use? You post we must own the copyright and there are those outside of copyright that have no such ownership. We need to be certain of those for posting.
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A quick note about photos on the STMFC. Due to copyright laws...yes, we
still have them...copyright must either be held by the displayer or
copyright must be expired to be displayed on the STMFC. This is mandated
both by the federal gvt and Yahoo. So, before you send a photo to the Yahoo
Group photo area, be sure you own copyright of the photo. STMFC management
must approve all photos placed in the photo section in order to ensure
compliance with copyright laws. It is, obviously, not easy to do that. I
would also note that one upload of a photo to the STMFC photo area is all
that is required. Multiple uploads do NOT enhance approval of a photo.

I would also add that the STMFC is NOT the forum to discuss copyright laws.

Mike Brock
STMFC Owner 

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