Re: Photos, copyright etc.

Jim Betz


I have just(?) a couple of questions:

1) If a photo is in a book - that is copyrighted - does that copyright
only apply to the book or does it also apply to the photo? Isn't
it the publisher of the book's responsibility to clear the right to
put a photo in a book?

2) I have always thought that including a -link- to a photo that is
somewhere on the web does not violate copyright laws - that
it is the responsibility of the person who posted it to the web
to adhere to the law. Correct? If yes, then it is OK to post here
on Yahoo groups - a link to a photo somewhere else on the web
- also correct?
- Jim

P.S. Moderator/owner - I realize that you didn't want this to evolve
into a lengthy discussion on copyrights - which is clearly not
within the scope of STMFC ... but it affects us all and I don't
see any way for me to avoid asking a question right here on
this group. *Sigh* If this means I get put in moderate jail I
hope the bread and water can be made to taste like caviar
and champagne since I have that every day (or is that "I eat
crow every day"?) ... hey, it's a virtual jail so "anything goes".

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