UP H-70-1

mike brock <brockm@...>

Completing mods to the Marklin UP H-70-1 3 bay hopper...coupler levers, new
"L" shaped pieces [ Evergreen #291 ] replacing the erroneous flat piece
between the ends and hoppers, extension of the brake mech below the wheel
incuding chain, installation of the Accumate scale coupler and housing, and
air hoses [ Kadee #438 ], I notice that a color photo of UP HK-50-3 in UP
Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Vol 2 by Lou Schmitz shows
that the entire car...except, perhaps the interior...is painted in the UP's
version of an "oxide red color" called Synthetic Red. The car looks freshly
painted with a reweigh date of Oct '54. When I say entire car, I mean that.
Trucks, even wheels show it, brake hoses and, surprisingly, the couplers are
red. I can almost picture UP simply lowering the car into a large vat of
paint...dipping it. Does it surprise anyone that UP would be painting

The H-70-1s came out pretty well and the mods are relatively easy. I'll be
posting photos once they're developed.

Mike Brock

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