Re: Scalecoat Paints Going Out Of Production

MICHAELCALO3403 <michaelcalo3403@...>

Terrific - NOW what are we supposed to use???  First Floquil, now these two.  How is Humbrol for model railroad use?  That's the  only other paint I can think of on the market...and as far as I know it's for military modelers.  I hope someone buys out Weaver and keeps these paints in production; I can't believe there's no market for them.

Mike Calo
Glen Burnie MD  (just south of Baltimore)

Fred Hill just posted this on _trainorders.com_ ( ) :

Just received this notice from W.K. Walthers -

"Please note: as of June 29th 2015 Weaver Models, being Quality Craft

(610) and Scalecoat Paint (640) will be closed and out of business.

They still have some paint colors available and we will stock what we can. Advise your customers to assess their needs and place orders ASAP."


Bad news....

Better stock up now

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