Re: Report on using my new Tamiya Tweezers

Jim Betz

Hello all,

  I have also purchased some of the Tamiya tweezers.  I said
to myself "they don't cost that much and guys are saying they
are better - so just buy some and try them".  And I did.  And
they are (better).

  What I wasn't expecting is that they would be so MUCH
better!  Thanks for the pointer to them.

  The rest of the story - I have recently been putting resistors
on HO wheelsets (10k - #0803s if you care) and one of the
steps in the process involves picking up one of those small
SMD resistors ... and placing it on the axle in a small dab of
  These tweezers are FAR superior ... I can pick up, and not
loose, the resistors pretty much first time every time.  And 
then place the resistor on the axle and let go ... without
ever having a "flying resistor" and also with the resistor
just sitting directly down on the axle and not fall off or be
crooked or ___
                                                                               - Jim B.

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