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Dave Owens

On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 5:12 PM, Tim O'Connor timboconnor@... [STMFC] <STMFC@...> wrote:

Does anyone know of a source for good 1 oz paint bottles in bulk -- like 100 bottles for 50 cents each?

It really irritates me paying 500% markup for such a simple item. I found one source online for 30 cents each
but the bottles had very narrow tops (like Vallejo paint bottles) and I prefer wider openings that will fit my
airbrush siphon tops.

I like to mix my own colors! :-)

Tim O'Connor

Mike and all,
There are other sources of solvent based paint i.e., TESTORS Enamels in ź oz. bottles ( I use them a lot especially RUST for freight car color), TESTORS Model Master Series, Mr. Color (MR Hobby), and Tamiya as well as Humbrol. Don't limit your search and for heaves sake ignore the name on the bottle and focus on the color. 
Also be prepared to mix your own and buy a blister pack of TESTOR "empty mixing bottles".
Greg Martin

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