Danbury Ry Museum Needs Info on a PRR Caboose

Jeff English

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Hey Jeff

As you may or may not know in April of 2000 DRM took delivery of a PRR
class ND bobber caboose. It was donated to us by Empire State Railway
Museum. All they knew of it's heritage was that it came to them from
Rhode Island. We flattened the walls down so it could be moved as a
flatcar & greatly reduce our costs. It had no roof or cupola although all
the metal framework & much of the other wall material is sufficently
intact for patterns. I also recieved blueprints from Denny Hoffman. (Do
you have an e address for him?)
Anyrate, since the car has been sitting now for almost 2 years with it's
frame exposed, low & behold it's number has magically appeared! DRM is in
possesion of PRR 478830 or possibly 6. Wouldn't you know the most
critical number is the hardes to read! Anyway,given what little
background I've given you & with the possible 2 numbers can or any of
your comrades tell me anything about our artifact?
Any help will be appreciated!
Ron Freitag
VP/Director of Accessions
Danbury Railway Museum

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