Re: Report on using my new Tamiya Tweezers

Nelson Moyer <ku0a@...>

Not anymore. They come from Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and all the other
places most hobby shop tools come from, and they're the same inferior
quality, which is one reason they don't stand up to repeated sterilization.
It's cheaper to discard than reprocess.

Nelson Moyer

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I recently had a close encounter with a feral cat. Long story short, I now
have two slightly used surgical scissors and the same for tweezers. And
thought hospitals still autoclaved and re-used these things!


Brian Ehni

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I'd accidently lost my long time favorite tweezers in the trash a few months
ago and bought a non-Tamiya tweezers off Amazon after reading the reviews.
They were terrible. The points would cross if any pressure was applied and
they wouldn't pick up the smallest decals. I took this groups'
recommendation (from Bill Welch?) and bought a Tamiya set and they are

In fact I bought another set just in case the first were misplaced, stolen
by the wife or accidently tossed.

Thanks for the recommendation,
Charlie Duckworth

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