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Edward Dabler

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Undoubtedly Claycomo was a factor in the postwar increase in the Wabash's
Ford business, but I believe Wabash also directly served the Ford plant
outside of St. Louis at Berkeley. I'm not sure when Berkeley was built. I
believe that there was also a Ford plant in the Chicago area not located on
the Wabash, but certainly opened to switching. Wabash had favorable
connections for the other western Ford business, particularly the west
Ford plants.

If you are including Ford parts traffic in the West, the chance is good
Wabash was in the route for Detroit area originations.

Jack Wyatt

You are absolutely correct about the Ford plant at Berkley. It's been there
for a very long time and is still in operation. I recently heard that Ford
wanted to permanently close this plant within the next 3 or 4 years. It is
situated on the North side of Lambert St. Louis Metropolitan Airport.

I lived in Moberly from 1945 to 1950. My father was employed as a civil
engineer in the Division Engineers office of the Moberly Division. I worked
in the department during the summer while attending the University of
Missouri. Thus operations through Moberly and on the Moberly Division came
to my mind first. The Ford plant in Berkley was part of the St. Louis
Terminal Division operations.

Ed Dabler

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