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Edward Dabler

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I won't say for sure; but I doubt it very much. Not unless they bought it
for the sole purpose of reselling it to Ford. The Claycomo plant is
reached by traversing about a mile of CB&Q branch line running northward
from the CB&Q/Wabash joint trackage at Birmingham, then up another few
miles of spur built and owned by the Wabash.

gary roe


You may be correct. I recall the Wabash owning some large tracts both in the
KC and St. Louis industrial areas and assumed that the Ford plant might have
been built on railroad owned property.

I made several trips to KC with Mr. William Harding, who was the Wabash
Manager of Real Estate, in the late 1940's to make property surveys and
layout industrial spurs.

Ed Dabler

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