Re: 70-Ton Trucks for F&C 50-Ft Steel Mill Gon-HELP

Armand Premo

Same here Bill.Not sure which type of roof was on the C&O 1937 AAR 40' box car in the 38xx series.Any info would really be appreciated.Armand

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Subject: [STMFC] 70-Ton Trucks for F&C 50-Ft Steel Mill Gon-HELP


I am trying to finish my build of the very fine F&C  50-Ft Steel Mill Gon and it looks like there is an InterMountain "70-Ton (5'8" wheelbase)" Truck using Richard's "H-O Freight Car Trucks" dated April 1, 2014 as my resource. I just looked on IM's website and cannot find these trucks and I am hoping someone (Andy Carlson?) can help me find a source for these. The cars were built in the mid-1930's.

Thank you!

Bill Welch

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