Re: Danbury Ry Museum Needs Info on a PRR Caboose

Thomas Olsen <tmolsen@...>

Good evening Jeff,

Both your mails concerning the ND cabin that the Danbury Railway Museum
recently acquired came through and I have contacted Ron regarding the
cabin car. Hopefully, I can be of some assistance to them regarding this
car as I was one of the contributors to the articles that Bob Johnson
and Gary Rau ran back in the middle 70's on PRR cabin cars. I will get
in contact with Bob and Gary and perhaps the three of us can come up
with some of the information that he needs. In 1996, working with John
Christy, I was able to furnish a lettering guide for their PRR X58A
class 50' insulated plug door box car which they finished restoring the
following year.

By the way, do you know anyone who would like to have a copy of an NYC
passenger car diagram book? When I was working in Passenger Operations
in Penn Center, Richard Decker, who was one of our car distributors,
allowed me to make a copy of his equipment diagram book. It is quite
thick with approximately three diagrams per page on 8-1/2"x14" paper and
has a roster in the front.

If you know anyone that may be interested, have them contact me and
something can be worked out.

Tom Olsen
7 Boundary Road, West Branch
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479
Ph: 1-302-738-4292

Jeff English wrote:

Interesting. I sent one message with an attachment (which I failed
to consider is probably a no-no with Yahoo), and lo and behold it
shows up as <two> messages on STMFC.
Well, I guess you guys are mostly clever enough to figure
that out, but just in case somebody out there didn't put two and two
together, there you are.
Jeff English Troy, New York
Proto:64 Classic Era Railroad Modeling

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