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When a freight was being repaired in a Non-owners Repair Shops, i.e. sheathing being replaced: trucks being swapped out for whatever reason; etc., was there communications with the owner RR or were the repairs simply made and the owner RR invoiced. Was there a formalized agreement of some kind or was there simply "gentleman's" agreement. Was there a difference in wartime—WWI, WWII, Korea—vs peacetime?

Bill Welch

Bill and group,
    If your interested in the subject and want know more the book(s) to look at are the ARA or AAR code of rules for Interchange. It covers the methods of repair, acceptable repairs, prohibitions standard billing rates and methods. Not sure if this falls outside of the groups interest/acceptable topics as the question dives into accounting and regulatory issues so I'll end my comments.
Mark Rickert

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