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Dave Parker


I was also curious about the origin (and date) of the photos in this blog, but have not found much.  FWIW, the last image of the derailed B&M car #65146 is clear enough to reveal a reweigh date of 11-22, consistent with the lettering style of the car.  Great photo!

Dave Parker
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I downloaded the image of the box cars under the elevated and zoomed in on the lettering. The quality isn't good enough to catch a reweigh date but the trucks under the first X29 car seem to be the same as the arch bar trucks under the XL car. Outside of a builder photo, I have seen few in-service images of X29 cars with arch bar trucks. This X29 seems to be numbered 570844, which would be one of 2000 cars built in 1924 from AC&F lot 2765 (as per RPCyc 24). Here's a direct link.
I searched for a better quality image at the Boston Public Library and the Library of Congress digital archives but had no luck. Does anyone know where this image originated?
Eric Hansmann
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Bob says:
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Neat photo!  Fox trucks on the B&M car, a PRR XL boxcar, followed by a PRR X29, with another early X29 2 cars farther back
Bruce F. Smith            
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