Re: SP GS gondola decals

Norm Buckhart

well alright - I am on vacation now and will be back at Protocraft July 6. When I get back I will make up sheets for both SP GS gons and have Microscale produce them in HO. They usually take around 5 weeks so around the end of August they should be available.

We will see Tim if this turns out to be worth it.


On Jun 17, 2015, at 2:11 PM, Tim O'Connor [STMFC] <> wrote:

Norm I'm sad to hear that -- I've bought most of your HO scale sets
(which are all fairly oddball cars so I'm not surprised about slow sales)
and I'd be astounded if you couldn't sell 250 GS gondola sets -- I need
about 20 sets myself ...

And I have 5 HO scale resin cars of this type but no decals !

Tim O'Connor

Rick Leach has been very generous sharing his artwork with which I’ve been able to turn into some great decal sets. But my intrusion into HO has not proved viable with 250 sheet minimums so Protocraft has no plans to further expand the HO line. This would be a large capital outlay in itself and the addition to the O scale line each month takes it all. Regards, Norm Buckhart, Protocraft

Did Norm get the old Rick Leach decals? Rick's decal work was immaculate
and I think he had done decals for the San Juan O scale GS gondola.

Tim O'




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