Re: Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern flat car


Their metal one may be the better profile

Or the plastic one looks more likely seen from a side view….

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Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

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I would not call it a "match" but I had to look it up as I'd never seen one of these
before. Anyway the sill depth over the bolsters is good but the fishbelly is too shallow
and would have to be deepened. But if the stake pockets are a match this Varney car could
be a good starting point for a kitbash. Also the Varney car has the deck overhang like the
prototype, often seen on farm equipment flats.

Tim O'

  It does match the Varney Flatcars, both plastic and metal ones. Spotted on eBay….. I don't
  know how much rework you might do on one. You might end up sanding all details off and
  using the blanked car to properly detail. 
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