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Schuyler Larrabee

Quite right, Mike, 1912.  It was the 1892 date on the map that led me astray, that and being up past what apparently is my bedtime . . .





Likely there was a fatality, which is why they kept the wrecked wagon there long enough to dispatch a photographer with an 8x10 view camera, likely the next day.


And I don't mean to embarrass Schuyler, but this photo is from 1912. The "boxcars" on the siding are actually ice cars, which were insulated and had plug doors, most of which were built for ice service and not intended or marked for interchange. The Pocono Mountains had many lakes and ice harvesters.


The photo is at Plymouth is on the "Bloom," the line between Scranton and Northumberland that passed through Bloomsburg that was very coal laden near Scranton end.  That's the Parrish Breaker in the distance that straddles the main line.


           ....Mike Del Vecchio

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flat tire, circa 1892

Are documentation images of an accident in Plymouth PA, 1892.  Several DL&W box cars and context.

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