Re: Determining Rung Spacing When Scratch Building Ladders

Tim O'Connor

hmmmm... I think micrometer or calipers (to measure the maximum separation)
then a calculator to determine the spacing (down to .001) and then the micrometer
again open to exactly that -- then set my locking dividers to that measurement.

then poke, twist, poke, twist, poke, twist, poke ... each rung is marked on a straight


Tim O'Connor

The technique works with notebook paper or any other set of parallel lines as long as they are spaced closer than your desired spacing. You don't even need a ruler! Just transfer the distance between the top and bottom to your cardstock, then place one mark on the first line, and swing the other till it is on the seventh line (or six or five for fewer rungs). Mark the intersections on your template and you have your rung spacing. If you really want it to the gnats a.., pick the distance off the model with locking dividers, swing those to the number of desired rungs, then butt your template edge against the dividers and mark or draw a line on the parallel lines and reset the dividers to the interval along the line. What you are doing is using the equal interval of the parallel lines to divide the uneven distance. It's a slick trick you can use for all sorts of evenly spaced layout tasks like gondola ribs, panel seams, window mullions, etc.


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