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Brad Smith

I also model New England, (New Haven and B&M) but in the 50's and the situation hasn't changed much from the 1930's.  The coastal tankers and ocean tankers would come to the tank farms in Providence to deliver their loads. I would see Texaco and Mobil tankers all the time.  I am not sure how ESSO and Sunoco gasoline moved into New England.  Gulf oil came in Gulf lettered, railroad tank cars.
From the tank farms, railroad tank cars were loaded and shipped, as well as trucks.  I remember seeing the silver tank cars with TEXACO in large letters.  Also black TEXACO tank cars.
During WW2, when the German U-boats were sinking the coastal tankers, the New Haven bought a fleet of tank cars to deliver oil to their customers.  The tank cars lettered NEW HAVEN are really accurate.  They were an eclectic collection of tanks. They lasted after the war in company service.
The New Haven and B&M DVD's from the period show freight trains and one can see the cars used at the time.
Brad Smith
Franklin, WI
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You make a good point, but I think it depends a bit on region and era, and how you define "local".  I model New England in the  mid-1930s.  Petroleum products arrived by both rail and boat, with the latter coming into just a handful of ports.  Some was of course used locally, including bunker-fuel facilities in the harbors proper, but a great deal went out to the inland areas by rail (we had no pipelines yet AFIK).  And of course there was a major curtailment in boat transport during the war, with a corresponding surge in rail traffic.

Or lo ok at it this way:  in the 1945 ORER I can easily get to 100,000 tank cars in service just by counting the obvious players, all companies.primarily in involved petroleum products (as opposed to chemicals).  As I recall, you came up with something in the 200-300 range for cars dedicated to TEL transport.  So maybe 400:1?

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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