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Check the ends--
This car, called the ACF series by Red Caboose, has R+3/4 (current best ID'ing) Late Improved Dreadnaught ends, the so-called "Banana Taper". This rules out any pre-1955 built cars.

These were the cars Red Caboose made from the purchased tooling from Front Range. The tooling was only for the 40' cars, as Accurail acquired the 50' cars' tooling (which underwent surgery by having gouges ground into the sides and ends in the belief that molded-on ladders and grabs was preferred by American hobbyists).  Red Caboose actually did a lot of work on their acquired tooling; New doors and other details improved these cars over the FR 40' origins. These former FR cars ended up a big disappointment for Red Caboose, as sales were always dismal, so maybe somewhat vindicating Accurail's mutilations. RC had 6' and 8' riveted versions, along with 6' and 8' welded 40' box cars.

I have deemed the RC improved Youngstown doors from this series to be among the best of HO IYD, though many other fine IYDs are available from Branchline, Intermountain and Kadee.

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If the roof is diagonal panel and the sides are riveted, you could do RDG 10700-10749 built 10/48. I'm sure there must have been others, but I don't have information on them.

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Digging through my stash I found a box of Red Caboose parts in plastic bags labeled as ACF 10' 6" IH 4-3-1 ends. These house cars have 10 panel sides and 8' door openings. Any thoughts on prototypes for this configuration? It's close to the PRR X43c except that those where produced by PSC at Mt Vernon and would be a few years late for my1949 era.

Other ideas appreciated.


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