AHM double-door double-sheathed boxcar prototype?

D. Scott Chatfield

Life has many mysteries, like how, many years ago, AHM could tool up a rather accurate plug-door PS-1 (certainly by the standards of the day it was nice), then turn around and tool up a strange 40' double-sheathed boxcar with double wood 6' doors, early dreadnaught ends, and a smooth panel roof with exterior carlines, all riding on that PS-1's underframe. The toolmakers didn't usually just invent car designs out of whole cloth. They usually had at least a crude erawing to work from. Question is, a drawing of whose car? Obviously they reused the existing underframe, as I would expect a double-sheathed box like this to have a heavier, fishbelly frame. But the other details seem like an odd mix.

The model was given to me when I was young (circa 1975) and has languished in my pile of stuff for years. It is destined to become an MofW boxcar on a friend's semi-freelanced layout, where it can be useful without provoking the Prototype Police. If nothing else it is different.

Scott Chatfield

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