Sorry a little Off Topic But...


..with the era and kind of modeler here I thought some of you might want to know:

At the very moment I have some HO Exact Scale Upper Quadrant Semaphore Signal Kits for sale: 3 home interlocking signals and 4 Train order Signals, The home signals come with four blades, two long and two short and both kits include fine plastic parts like thin blades plus photo etched parts. They model the purely mechanical style with the rod running up the mast and they really work that way. Everything is included including grain of wheat bulbs and wiring, linkage, bell cranks, the masts, lenses, etc.

I am thinning my "stash" and IMO, when assembled these signals will put any HO semaphore signal available today to shame but they are long out of production. Exact Scale was a company that a friend started some years ago (1990s?). Wally is an engineer by profession, a signal aficionado and modeler. He actually took measurements off of real signals. 

I am having trouble putting multiple quantities in my auction so will just continue to list them one at a time until they are gone. And when they are gone they will be gone. Good luck finding them anywhere else.

Do a search under Exact Scale Signals under Toys & Hobbies, Model Railroads & Trains, HO,  and Other.

Victor A. Baird

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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