Re: Hercules Powder



Given that Hercules gun powders were for the most part double based (combination of nitrocellulose and nitroglygerin) any of the chemicals needed to manufacture those explosives.   Their military grade gunpowder contained 20% nitroglycerin.  In more recent years (near the end of the time period of this list) they also processed by-products of the steel industry particularly the coking process.  Hercules still has a facility adjacent to the US Steel Clariton Coke works in Clariton PA  (South of Pittsburgh on the Monongahela River).  For many years the facility operated under a court ordered consent decree to come into compliance with air pollution standards primarily because of the release of phenols among other VOC's.

Rich Orr

What product or concoction would have been hauled in Hercules Powder tank cars?
Where would such shipments have originated and what was the destination?
Gene Green

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