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Also, the H39a (barely iwithin the time of this list) built at Juniata received Crown trucks off scraped H21's.  The H39 were built by outside vendors and the H39a were all home built at Juniata.  The only difference being point of construction and the trucks.

Rich Orr

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Elden Gatwood wrote;
"They even went so far to place Crown trucks from scrapped H21, on brand-new classes like some of the G36 gons, and the new ore jennies (G38 and G39). I have no idea what the rationale was for those moves."
The obvious one - money.  It proved to be false economy, as these cars eventually received new trucks.  [Classes G36 (1957) and G38 (1960) are actually in scope for this list.]
Ben Hom

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