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Yes,even in milk cans.Armand Premo

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Indeed, Old Frothingslosh was "The pale stale ale with the foam on the bottom."   But before the moderator locks us up in a cell with no Guinness, I'll just say that a lot of adult beverages crossed the border in STMFCs during Prohibition, especially Windsor-Detroit . . .

      Actually a good freight traffic story. The smugglers arranged suitable "payments" to the officials involved, and thus created "in transit" paperwork indicating that carloads of distilled beverages, legally produced in Canada, were traveling under seal to Mexico. The Mexican officials, for a suitable reward, endorsed all papers as indicating that the cargoes had arrived there. The paperwork was then complete! But of course few if any cargoes really went to Mexico. Eventually the feds figured out the sche me and were able to stop it.

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