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Richard Brennan

At 09:41 AM 6/27/2015, 'Dave Nelson' [STMFC] wrote:
The Sanborn’s for Hercules CA that I've look
at are blank. Not even an admission refused
notation. No surprise really… what fire
departtment was willing to go there? FWIW there
were multiple explosives industries on either
side of Pt Richmond on SF Bay… Hercules to the
eaast, Giant and Cal Cap were just to the south,
and Pt Richmond itself was used for storage and
loading ships. Today, Pt. Richmond is a park.
Another East Bay site was the Trojan Powder
Works... active in San Lorenzo (just south of
Oakland/Alameda) from the 1900s to the 1960s...
The CSRM has track arrangement drawings for
"Robert"... aka "Roberts Landing" on the SP
Mulford line, formerly "West San Lorenzo" on the
narrow-gauge SPC, and Vintage Aerials has photos
of the building and inside-plant track arrangement.

Dynamite was shipped both by scow-schooner from
the slough... and in box cars on the SP. The
road into the site, now Lewelling Blvd., was
pretty primitive, so the nitrates probably came
in by rail, but I don't know if this was in
granular or liquid form... and was probably
era-dependant. A specific use of Trojan Powder
was to build a little ditch called the Panama Canal.

During the 1970s... this was identified as an EPA
(Environmental Protection Agency) Toxic Waste
Super-Fund cleanup site, the nitrate-saturated
soil was dug out 15 feet deep... and the site
declared 'remediated'. I suspect the dirty-dirt
would have gone via the SP in gons or hoppers to some other benefactor state...

The land was annexed to San Leandro and developed
in the 1990s... I now live dead-center on top of the former buildings site.
As today's Mulford local rumbles past and shakes
the ground-fill... I'm still careful not to light any matches! <VBG>

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA
MP 17.8 - Roberts Landing [Robert] on the SP Mulford Line.

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