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David Lehlbach wrote

> I believe that the 1 billboard for every 10 black cars to be only somewhat true
> ... It depends on the LOCALE you are modeling.

Tim O'Connor wrote:

"I think the trend in the postwar era was for bolder paint schemes for NEW cars built
for private leases but wherever the older cars predominated, you would mostly still see
plain black tank cars."

I agree somewhat.  The older cars were still REPAINTED regularly and were probably never in original paint by 1950.  In my collection of photos I don't think I have a single photo of a 20s-30s tank in original paint by 1955.  They may still be wearing a very very similar scheme by 1955, but if you carefully read the lettering it is clear it was repainted.  This is true for basic black cars as well as billboard cars - billboard cars are easy to spot since the logo and/or lettering standards of many of the brands, take Diamond Chemical for example, changed regularly, which makes dating photos of those cars a relatively simple proposition. 

The 20s-30s older cars that were already in the lease fleets were typically repainted into basic lease black schemes because they weren't desired for captive service lease service like the new cars were.  However, the 20s-30s older cars that were in an existing private fleet, such as SPX fleet cars belonging to Solvay, were repainted into Solvay's newest image assuming they weren't sold or scrapped.  So it is not entirely about the age of the car, but the service it was in. 

David Lehlbach

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