L&N coal gondola

Eric Hansmann

I found a side view of the L&N coal gondola that is seen in the image link Bob Witt sent along for the B&O hoppers. What an interesting beast. A 4-12 build date is in faded paint below the N.




A quick check of a 1926 ORER garners these data points.


GA – Gondola, steel underframe


IL – 35-foot, 6-inch

IW – 9-foot, 5-inch

IH – 4-foot, 9-inch

OL – 36-foot, one-eighth inch

OW – 10-foot, 3.75-inch

OH – 8-foot, 5.25-inch

CC – 1811

100,000 pound capy


In service – 3329 cars


Another 500 have matching dimensions in the 76000-76499 series.


Can any L&N fans report on when these dwindled from service? I suspect most of these cars were gone by the mid-1930s.


Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX





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