Re: prototype for Pemco 53-foot flatcar?

Tim O'Connor

I have a question about those USAX (later DODX) flats -- The 1955 ORER
lists them as 38016-38665 and shows 550 cars -- a fully loaded series

But: I have a scan of a photo of USAX 38005 -- which appears to be exactly
the same car -- Yet there is no listing for 38005 or other numbers before
the 38016 series in the ORER. The scan appears to be from a book or magazine
and is supposedly from 1949.

According to my notes 38016-38655 were built by MAGOR in 1953.

Tim O'Connor

The side sill profile looks more like some DODX flat cars in their 38000 series, but the Pemco model lacks the three axle heavy duty trucks. I believe AHM once made a model this prototype with more correct trucks (DODX 38063)

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