Re: prototype for Pemco 53-foot flatcar?

D. Scott Chatfield

Thanks guys. It hadn't occured to me to look at heavy duty flats. The USAX/DOD 38016-series is definitely the prototype for the car. Pemco molded the bolster outward where it would be on a normal 4-axle flat.

The body, sans deck, has been serving as my shallow water dish on my decal bench. I bought it years ago at the Naperville RPM meet. It reminded me of some MILW flats. Those turn out to have more stake pockets. It can also be used as a stand-in for some Cotton Belt flats. I'll have to look for some Athearn Buckeye trucks. The original Pemco deck is too thick and has a couple large holes in it for mounting the loads they included with the car. I'll make a new deck. If one was going to permanently attach some army tanks to the car they'd probably cover the holes.

Otherwise the detail of the body is pretty good except the stake pockets are not deep enough. The body is the correct length of 54'0", per the ORER.

Scott Chatfield

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