Re: prototype for Pemco 53-foot flatcar?

Richard Townsend

Thanks for that information, Tim. I noticed that Bruce Petty apparently replaced the stake pockets on at least one of his Tyco flats with what seems to be Tichy stake pockets. If one were going to that effort to make use of the Tyco car I suppose one could add additional pockets to create a reasonable representation of a prototype car.
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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Which seems quite pointless now since there is an F-70-7 model and it's the
correct length of 53'6" ... By the way there's also an F-70-10 model (another
SP flat, but with a welded body) plus bulkhead and TOFC kits for both.

I checked my photos but I can't find any flat car with a 50'0" deck and 13 stake
pockets other than the PRR F30 which no one would mistake for the Tyco model. My
photos of fishbelly 50' flats show cars with 14, 15, or 16 pockets.

Tim O'Connor

>"It would be nice to find a prototype for the Tyco car as I have several of them in a box somewhere."
>While this prototype is available from SPH&TS/Intermountain, Bruce Petty uses the Tyco cars as an inexpensive stand-in for SP Class F-70-7:
>Ben Hom

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