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Walthers did give us the Piker and Oscar for passenger cars and the Jailbox and the Peanut car for freight equipment. Much earlier they ran several trolley car kits in both freight and passenger versions that were very unlike the roads they sold them as being.

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I also once considered destroying  CB&Q prints of airbrushed negatives showing a XM32 box in proposed "National Park Line" script slogan and a NE 12 Waycar with funky picture windows.
Most importers have better research nowadays than to work off a single photo or drawing from a book...
....but Richard's words still could come true.... 
Charlie Vlk

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Ben Hom wrote:


Yes, but modeling the exceptions does not an exceptional modeler make.

     A point I often make also. Modeling an occasional exception is one thing, but there are plenty of modelers who seem to like exceptions better than what is actually typical. I recall Richard Hendrickson finding a print of a photo of one of these lettering errors at the old Naperville meeting, and immediately buying all the prints, in the hope that he could suppress the information. "Worst thing," he said, "is if Walthers gets hold of this."

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