Re: 41-foot gon questions

D. Scott Chatfield

Tim O' wrote:

Roundhouse made a 10-panel 41-footer. Likewise, when was it built? I know the Southern had
lowside 10-panels, but how common was the Roundhouse version?
Are you talking about the old metal Roundhouse low-side gondola? -- This model is definitely
from a Southern railway prototype. I have a builder photo of SOU #316400, a low-side 10-panel
gondola built in 1937. The Southern continued to buy similar cars -- a 1947 builder photo of
SOU #56423, a low-side 12-panel gondola. These cars were the subject of my first exchange of
letters with R. Hendrickson, and he sent me photocopies of several photos. Grinding off those
metal grabirons, though, ugh!
No, this one is a normal height gondola. As a former Southern railroader, trust me, I know what
to do with a low-side gon! But I've never seen this metal MDC low-side gon you have.

The car I have has a plastic body and MDC's usual metal underframe. In the store's used pile I
found two gons with the same body but different underframe, marked MARX. So I guess MDC either
made that car for Marx as well, or bought the tooling after Marx quit.

AHM made an 8-panel 41-footer that I'm told has no prototype.

AHM probably saw a photo of a GS gondola, a great many of which were 8 panel (16 door) cars.
Which would explain the relatively low sides, but not low enough to be a "low-side". Looking
through the old used cars at the store, I found an earlier version of the same tooling with the
Roco/AHM PS-1 floor. Turns out the one I have is probably a later Bachmann. Same body,
different floor.

Thanks for the info gang!

Scott Chatfield

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