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Larry Sexton

Years ago I took styrene rod (thin diameter) and held the end near to a heat source so that the end buttoned, similar to a rivet head. Slice it off and it makes a decent headlight. May have to do a few as prt of your learning curve and pick the two best size. Used to use this method to create buttons on 54 mm figures. Back then it was a frequently used military modeling technique for scratch building.

Larry Sexton

Larry Sexton
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I think someone mentioned clear styrene sprue for headlight lenses and I
would agree these are simple and cheap. The military guys use them all the
time in lieu of MV Lenses. You can shape them to whatever you need with
sandpaper and then coat them with Hard AS NAILS to bring the luster back.

Greg Martin

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Thanks to all who replied with suggestions how to create headlight lenses
but these are external mounted headlights attached to the sides of the hood
not part of the truck body. I have been searching A-Line, Alloy forms and
all over the Internet to find an HO replacement. Nothing yet including a
lengthy search through the Shapeways catalog.

Ken Adams
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