PS-# intro dates

D. Scott Chatfield

I'm not sure I've ever seen a Pullman ad or document saying exactly when each of the "PS-#" car types were introduced _by that name_. I've always thought of the PS-# family as being all welded carbodies with at least some of Pullman's proprietary parts. The PS-1 boxcar was obviously first, circa 1948. It kind of surprises me that the it took them until, what, 1954? to come out with the PS-2 covered hopper. When was the PS-3 open hopper first produced? The PS-4 flatcar? The PS-5 gondola? Pullman painted these names on the cars, so they are not modeler/researcher inventions. While I've seen PS-4PB on their early 85-foot piggybacks (introduced just after the cut off for this list), I can't recall seeing PS-4 on a regular flatcar. Did any exist?

Scott Chatfield

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