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Charles Peck

Companies exchanging gasoline went far higher up the chain than just local jobbers.
When working on the river I would see a barge loaded at Ashland and delivered to
Chevron.  And the barge might belong to a third company. A friend who worked
at the Chevron terminal at Louisville KY said he was often the guy who added the
Chevron mix of additives to the raw gas. He also unloaded tank cars of lube oil to
be put in drums and cans there.  He said he never saw gasoline in tank cars but perhaps 
that was because of having the river available.  He did mention unloading lube oil
from the bottom of tank cars. He laughed about getting a promotion because the guy
above him moved a tank car hooked up on a hose.  And that more than once a car left 
with the caps loose. Hell got raised about that when the railroad came back on them 
over it. 
Chuck Peck

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Does a company like Hardware Fuel Co. (advertises Gulf) also receive other brands of gas and/or oil to sell to other service stations? Naturally I'll need a number of cars that aren't represented yet in the Standard Steel GRCX cars.

     Yes, in two ways. First, if Gulf doesn't have enough cars at some point, they would go to General American or Shippers or North American and lease a few. So plain cars, no logo, could well arrive with loads of petroleum products. Second, there is much more cross-selling of petroleum products than the public generally recognizes. Another oil company car might well arrive with kerosene or other product that can be supplied more quickly than Gulf. I well remember as a teenager, seeing a Mobil gas truck delivering to the Standard station near my home (fairly late at night). I stopped to watch, as he was just picking up his hoses, etc., and he then drove down the block to the Shell station and unloaded more. Probably customers at the Shell and Standard stations had no idea they were getting Mobil gasoline.

If there are no rail-served dealers receiving Tide Water or Amoco gas/oil (I have service stations in town) in town is it trucked from other towns?

        Gotta get there some way.

Would gas or oil, fuel oil, etc. be received at the bulk tracks to be unloaded directly from tank cars to trucks?

     Not usually, but with the right setup of equipment it can be done.

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