Re: Digest Number 925 Sunshine kit/decal question

Scott Pitzer

As I recall the Champ sets look better than the similar Sunshine items in that
the lettering styles are more appropriate. After the years of making reweigh
stuff from the letters which could be harvested from "CAPY / LD LMT / LT WT /
NEW", these sets are almost an embarrassment of riches. To make use of them,
I'm almost tempted to break into train stores at night and "reweigh" all the
Kadee and other RTR cars!
Scott Pitzer

On Mon, 2 Dec 2002 23:29:09 -0600 "Richard L. Meyer" <champ@...> wrote:

Champion Decal Co. has a large assortment of
Reweigh Dates > It seems hardly anyone knows about these,

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