Re: X43b sidesill reinforcement


The Shadow Keystone was first applied to the X48 (PS-1) in February 1954 when constructed.   Beginning mid year 1954 it was being applied to all newly constructed cars and all repaints.  The P2 8-54 is not a paint date it is a reweigh date.  P2 is the code for the Greenville Piers, NJ west bound scale.  It has nothing to do with when the car was painted.

Built between December 1950 and April 1951 by Pressed Steel Car it is doubtful that the X43b would be repainted within 3 years. 

In Oct 1963 ORER there were 2945 X43b remaining on the roster which is outside the time frame of this list.  I have no idea how many were repainted by then.

Rich Orr


Now I'm specifically interested in the X43b   I have a couple as-built ones in CK lettering, which I have more or less weathered.  I'm starting on a Branchline car in Shadow Keystone, with shop date shown as 'P2 8 54'.


I'm modeling 1963-65.  Were repainted X43b cars all that common by then?  And, for reinforced sidesill cars, did they get completely repainted as a rule, or patched?

Ron Merrick

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