Re: X43b sidesill reinforcement


Could also be a wreck repair.

Rich Orr

Rich Orr wrote

  > The Shadow Keystone was first applied to the X48 (PS-1) in February 1954 when constructed.
  > The P2 8-54 is not a paint date it is a reweigh date.
  > Built between December 1950 and April 1951 by Pressed Steel Car it is doubtful that the X43b
  > would be repainted within 3 years. 

Nevertheless at least one X43b was photographed in 1954 in SDK, and another in 1955.
Maybe the shops just wanted to see how the new paint would look on the cars. :-)

The photos I've seen of X43b's with the deeper sidesills were repainted post-SDK or PC.

Tim O'Connor

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