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Dave Boss

Hi Tony
             Yes I know about them I came across some of them a few months ago. I purchased several of them @ 140.oo a  piece. Not a cost effective way to build a usable fleet. It would be nice if they would be redone by one of the larger model makers. Dave

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Dave Boss wrote:

          This tank car discussion is a great information gathering tool for me. My modeling is based on the oil industry for the most part. In particular western Pa. I'm glad to see all the interest here. This brings me to some questions here. We obviously need more variety in tank car models especially in the 40's 50's, and of course they would fall into the newer decades. Hey model makers? Then there is the decal makers. There are lots of photos on line now. I for one can't get any decals for tank cars that would have operated in my area. From 50's, and on back in western Pa. there were so many small refineries here under a lot of different names. You could find there names on leased cars as well as some they mite has owned. We could stand even for more leasing co. paint schemes as well. I'm trying to build a fleet of accurate cars for this area. It is very difficult. Very little cars, and almost no decals. It's very clear that there's a market for more proto type tank car models and decals in this era, especially in the oil industry part. Dave 

      Some years back, when Overland brought in their great variety of brass tank cars, each type made was in small numbers, as supposedly Tom Marsh doubted they would sell at all well. (Richard Hendrickson supplied a lot of the info they used.) But in fact they all sold out quickly, and now bring pretty handsome prices on eBay. Sure would be nice if those cars could be repeated. 

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