"Enterprise" cement hoppers

D. Scott Chatfield

Eastern Car Works makes a kit they call an "Enterprise 2-bay covered hopper". Two versions, an NYC and CN. 6-panel sides with heavy dagonals in the first and sixth panels, and eight square roof hatches. The NYC version is obviously based on the Despatch Shops 1946-built 2,000cf order numbered 881200-881949. Despatch built similar 1,800cf cars in 1940, numbered 880500-881199, that were almost three feet shorter and had ten hatches.

The ECW instructions say this design was shown in the 1940 Cyc advertised by the Enterprise Railway Equipment Company. I don't have that issue. The '53 is my earliest. But in the '53 issue is an ad for Enterprise with a photo of an SP ACF-built 1,958cf hopper, and opposite is a drawing labled "Enterprise 2,066cf bulk commodities covered hopper." Looks exactly like a GATC/Ralston 1,958cf hopper (the Kato model). Enterprise supplied a lot of outlet gates for covered hoppers, but did Enterprise actually build any complete hopper cars?

The drawing and photo for the Despatch 2,000cf cement are on the next two pages, but the word Enterprise does not appear there. So is ECW correct in calling this design an Enterprise design? Did Enterprise supply the sides as well as the outlet gates?

Yes, I'm finally building the ECW kit I bought at least ten years ago....

Scott Chatfield

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