DM&N box car with bulk loading of cement

Cyril Durrenberger

Here is a photo of a Duluth Missabe and Northern box car carrying bulk cement and being unloaded. This was for the building of a new ore dock in 1916. There was a cement plant nearby where the car was likely loaded.

Note the weathering on the car. Also this car has the car number located above the reporting marks on the door and the side of the car. I do not recall seeing another car that had the car number located above the reporting marks. This was not unique on the DM&N as they had a whole set of steel hopper cars that had the same arrangement.

The photo is attached. If it is stripped off, I can forward the photo to anyone who is interested. This comes from the Missabe Historical Society. I do not want to bother with going through the process of loading the photo onto the photo section of this site.

Cyril Durrenberger

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