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Charles Hladik

    Politics, the damnation of us all.
    A couple years ago I needed some B&O info and mailed a request along with a $10.00 check. To this day I have not received an answer, but the Historical Society cashed the check. So one knows my opinion of the Historical Society, I've had no dealings with the folks from the Modeler. Good luck to all searching for info.
Chuck Hladik
Rutland Railroad
Virginia Division
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Hello Group,

It is sad to see a good source of modeling information going away. But this appears to be a manpower issue and not a lack of articles. 

The original post stated…
Got a message yesterday from the B&ORHS webmaster that the links to this publication have been removed because the society couldn't find anyone to run the e-zine.  So it would seem that the B&O Modeler is comatose, if not dead.

It appears from this statement that there is a need for a replacement editor and production person. I am surprised that in a historical society with over 2000 members — or was that the round figure number given for the C&O group? — that there would be someone to step up to take over editorship. The comment that the B&O MODELER was not supported by the B&OHS dues is a bit telling. That seems to possibly indicate that there are some society internal politics involved. 

While I am not a B&O fanatic I have enjoyed the B&O MODELER and have used its articles as the “how to” instructions for modeling some steam era freight cars to travel my east central Kansas branch line.

The B&O MODELER will be missed. Hopefully there will be someone to step up and keep it going. 

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA  

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Al Kresse writes:
I would guess it is the same problem as with the C&O Historical Society -- nobody is writing modeling articles to put in the Magazine nor the electronic Newsletter.
Al --
Not quite nobody, at least on the B&O side. I have been submitting articles to B&O Modeler; as each has appeared I have submitted another. And as Modeler died, my latest submission (a freight car feature) is concurrently dying in the "Modeler office," and a few others for later issues are dying in my file. 
Large numbers of submitted articles may be lacking, but I'm certain enough material was available to keep Modeler going, especially if the publication schedule were made flexible as it has been in recent years. It's my belief that the primary problem is the time, skill, and commitment required from a volunteer editor to make each issue happen. It's a big job, and there doesn't seem to be a ready solution, at least in this case.
Bob Chapman    

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