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Greg Martin

B&O Modeler BOb Chapman writes:

"Not quite nobody, at least on the B&O side. I have been submitting articles to B&O Modeler; as each has appeared I have submitted another. And as Modeler died, my latest submission (a freight car feature) is concurrently dying in the "Modeler office," and a few others for later issues are dying in my file.
Large numbers of submitted articles may be lacking, but I'm certain enough material was available to keep Modeler going, especially if the publication schedule were made flexible as it has been in recent years. It's my belief that the primary problem is the time, skill, and commitment required from a volunteer editor to make each issue happen. It's a big job, and there doesn't seem to be a ready solution, at least in this case.
Bob Chapman"  
I have to agree with Bob, the issues don't entirely belong to the modelers, there is a staff that the modelers appeal to that has to be there when the material arrives.
The historical society has to take on the burden of making the modeler's eZines a success, from the BOD to the sitting president to the committee members of the societies modeling committee. They will sooner or later come to the realization the a "fallen flag" society is doomed if the society is not catering to the modeling in a "society forum". As they say if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem...
You have to ask yourself why would the work of an excellent modeler like Bob Chapman go unpublished?  My, my...
I have to say that the work of Ben Hom has to be recognized with regard to the B&O Modeler as well as his work in The Keystone Modeler; however he is no one man show.
Greg Martin
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