Re: Algoma Central boxcar

Walter Cox

With apologies to the list, I would like to correct some incorrect information in my previous email concerning Algoma Central box car no. 2901. I originally counted the end ribs from a faded sketch and later located a model of the original GTW car and discovered that the end panels were actually 7/2/8. Sorry for the error. Walt

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Hi Lester,
A. C. 2901 was originally a Grand Trunk Western 1921 series single sheathed boxcar rebuilt by GTW in 1937. It was later damaged and written off while on A .C. rails.  A. C. kept the car and repaired it. The GTW rebuild had   given it new steel 10' 4" sides so the Athearn length and height are ok and                        
the roof should be ok as GTW switched to raised panel roofs halfway through a previous rebuild.
 The 2/5/7 ends, the fishbelly underframe and the end sill projection along the bottom of the sides would all be missing from the Athearn model. 2901 was obviously one of a kind and I believe it was A. C'.s only steel boxcar for quite some time.
I hope this helps, Walt


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