Re: B&O Modeler


I tried that link.

The Web Crawler notice there last visited the B&O Modeler page on Feb 3 2015.

Clicking on that date leads to a page not found notice.

I also had an article submitted to the B&O Modeler in July 2012. It was about building an O scale model of B&O diner 1035.  The article materials became lost and in December 2014 I was asked I could replace them, which I did. This article was to appear in a later 2015 issue. 

Mention of this diner was made in the last issue of the B&O Modeler, as it had been seen at a prototype modelers meet at Malvern PA.

I was asked if I built it, (I did) but an incorrect class designation was given for it. I was advised this error would be corrected when my article about the model was to appear.

Ed Bommer

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