Griffin Wheel Co.

Don Strack

While compiling some history about the Griffin Wheel iron wheel plant in Salt Lake City (1927-1960), I was able to borrow a copy of the book "Griffin Wheel Company, The First Hundred Years, 1877-1977" by way of interlibrary loan. Its a nice book, and includes a milestone timeline of the development of the iron railroad wheel, and Griffin's development of the cast steel railroad wheel that replaced the iron type.

I have created a web page to capture the history of the Salt Lake City plant, and the plain text of the book itself, which includes numerous photos. The book is a generic corporate history, with lots of white space and modern graphic design. It is printed on rough-finish cream-colored paper, so the photos do not scan very well, but I was able to capture the text, which is very good reading.

I leave it to someone who knows much more about railroad wheels to make comments about the accuracy of the book's text, and Griffin's place in the history of railroad wheels.

Don Strack

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