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I offer the Southern herald in a set of Southern decals.  87-168

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> 4a. Southern Boxcar Herald Laments
> Posted by: "Garth Groff" sarahsan@... ggg9y
> Date: Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:22 pm ((PDT))
> Friends,
> I picked up copy of Jim Kincaid's SOUTHERN RAILWAY COLOR GUIDE at the
> Virginia Museum of Transportation this morning. I went to Roanoke to see
> the Y-6a which is on loan from St. Louis. Impressive. Very hard to
> photograph with their narrow grounds. Rods all missing. But back to the
> book. I was pleased to see that there were a number of 1950s-era cars shown.
> On thing stood out right away to me. The herald on 10048 built in 1938
> and photographed in 1945 (page [33]) is quite different from the others.
> The slogan "The Southern serves the South" is of a large style and
> nearly fills the entire space between the two rings. The slogans on
> 22423 on the same page, 27000 (page [34]) and 30579 (page [35]) are in
> much smaller style and do not fill the rings. 30579 was built in 1951/52
> and appears in original paint. 27000 was repainted circa 1958. Another
> car, 330219, a 1946-built car shown in 1953 also has the smaller lettering.
> I just checked my dwindling stock of Champ decals, and all that I have
> of the large size are the older type shown on 10048 measure 5' across. I
> do have one pair of a 4' herald with the smaller slogan, maker unknown.
> I have a pair of unbuilt 50' P2K auto cars, both with a "New 1944" date.
> One has a 4' 3" herald with the smaller lettering. The second has a 5'
> herald with the slogan filling the ring, but lettering style doesn't
> look like 10048. Oh, poop!
> Where can I get the more modern herald decals? When did the heralds
> change? And how large (always 5'?) were these on boxcars ? Inquiring
> minds want to know.
> Maybe I shouldn't have bought the book. But then the prototype police
> would eventually have noticed. But now I know the 50' PS-1 I lettered up
> a few years ago is WRONG!

Also check the Mask Island decals...Hubert Mask worked with Fenton Wells etc and makes an excellent steam era set.

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

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