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Dave Nelson

Yes, that was explained, as well as they were busy… but the accusations of being not trustworthy, that I was going to  steal their stuff, that was offensive.  I thought the invite to stop by and introduce myself was a way to settle the waters but they withdrew it with yet another demand to prove I was trustworthy.  That was too much.


As for Bombardier, in the middle of this mess I did get to sign their licensing terms.  Their stuff, their rules. No problems from me on that.  


FWIW Dennis, I was interested in several cars built before 1925.   I’m sure you’ve seen how the older the set is the less information is found.  You need enough to do the project, no more, no less.  Having been burned numerous times when buying drawings sight unseen, usually because of incomplete or misleading descriptions, I figure it is prudent to at least have some notion of what the drawings look like before laying out a hundred plus dollars.   An off-angled digital camera photo of a portion of a drawing is usually good enough to inform, stuff like are there dimensions, can anything actually be seen, is it even the same type of car as one is looking for?  I have stuff in hand, purchased sight unseen, that fail those basic tests.   I even have one that is a mirror image of the original drawing.


I’ve learned a peek, in person, by camera, or digital scan sample (which can be of anything so long as it is representative of the clarity and information contained) is required. 


Dave Nelson


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the Pullman Library is NOT a reference library, they have neither the space nor staff to ride herd on walk-in visitors. They tell you this up front. Their collection, their rules.

Actually Bombardier's collection,  Bombardier's rules. The bulk of the collection is on loan from Bombardier. Since Bombardier has restrictions on who the library can provide copies to (they are very paranoid about supplying any drawings that may be used in a legal proceeding) remember, the collection has the original drawings for cars that are still in service, so liability issues are real. Bombardier forbids reproducing the drawings on the internet in any fashion where they may escape without the recipient signing a licensing agreement, therefore IRM is not able to offer previews such as the N&WHS site does.

That's just the way it is.

Dennis Storzek

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